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Project: Hanley Wood - Building, Construction, Architecture Magazines

About Customer:

For nearly 40 years Hanley Wood has provided indispensable news, analysis, and information for the residential and commercial design and construction industry through digital publications, newsletters, magazines, custom marketing solutions, tradeshows and events, and the most comprehensive market intelligence available. Ceredox has worked with Hanley wood for about 7 years.

Hanley Wood Business Media's more than 30 magazines along with related Web sites, e- newsletters, and conferences keep pros informed about the issues and products shaping construction. Its comprehensive media networks support the unique business and information needs of builders, remodelers, residential and commercial architects, multifamily and public-works executives, and materials dealers and distributors. Hanley Wood Market Intelligence supplies market data to the business executives who make critical decisions about housing developments. The division's proprietary data sets capture hundreds of pieces of profile and material information about housing developments in more than 75 housing markets.

The challenge:

The customer follows agile methodology to manage their magazines. They schedule 1-2 weeks sprints, and monthly releases. They selected Ceredox as their partner to work in their sprints and delivering the work with good quality. The technology was new in the industry and there was lot of learning curve in terms of technology and business with tight deadlines to launch the websites to meet coming business season.


Ceredox provided many solutions to Hanley Wood such that they can run all their magazine content online with best interactivity, look and feel, best reach and search for the info. Ceredox implemented many web applications, windows applications, web services/WCF services and windows services to manage their content for the online magazines. We supported the complete migration of magazine sites from earlier system to new Tridion driven .Net websites.

The implementation:

We implemented one visual studio solution that runs all the code for all the magazines with editorial content from Tridion tool with all its schemas, components and the component presentations. This implementation is half-Tridion and half-.NET in the way that the articles and other magazine content is created in Tridion first and then published onto the webserver where the .NET code takes over and renders the content with all the .NET controls and Master Pages etc. to a complete online magazine. We implemented several tools on Tridion so that editors can have some customizations in Tridion. We also extended Tridion functionality with Tridion GUI Extensions implementations.


Team followed an agile delivery model, where the current set of requirements were broken down into stories or product backlog items and incremental weekly/fortnightly releases allowed in establishing an easy feedback loop with the customer and provided effective validation of the requirements all through the project. Email, WebEx and Telephone were used for collaboration and project management was done using agile planning principles.

Development skills:

Languages: C# 3.5/4.0, 4.5, ASP.NET, MVC 4.0.

Scripting: JavaScript, VBScript, JQuery and AJAX.

Operating Systems: Windows Based (XP, 2003, 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 8), Linux.

Databases: SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008), Raven DB (NO SQL), MySql.

Development Tools: Visual Studio.NET (2005, 2008, 2010, 2012) and SharePoint Designer2010.

Project Management: Rally, Scrum, Kanban, ServiceNow

Web Technologies: .NET Framework (2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5), ASP, ASP.NET, SOAP,WCF, Web Services, HTML, HTML5, XML, XSLT, Web API, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, IIS 6.0, IIS 7.5, Apache, WinForms, Windows Services, Php, JSON and Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Version Control Tools: Visual Source Safe (VSS), TFS 2010, 2012, Subversion.

Content Management: SDL Tridion 2009, 2011sp1, Interop dlls, DWT(Dreamweaver Templating), Razor Templating, C# fragments, Compound Templating, Tridion GUI extensions, Tridion event system, Core Service, DD4T.

Design Patterns: Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control.

Testing Framework: NUnit, XUnit.Net, TDD.

Project Management: Rally, Scrum, TFS Backlog inventory, Gemini (issue tracking)

Other Skills: JSonP , JQuery UI, LazyLoad, jQuery rater, imageresizing.net, Gigya Social sign on, Google Analytics, Google Double click for publisher, GPT (Google publisher tag), vBulletin, Lucene search engine, Brightcove video platform, Kickapps social platform, Highchart.js, Jquery DomWindow, Plupload, jquery.popeye.js, jquery FlexSlider.js, Jquery fancybox.js .

Payment Gateway: Paypal

Design skills:

UI Technologies: HTML4, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, SVG, Flash, HighchartsJS, XML, XSLT, AJAX, JSON,

JavaScript Frame Works: Jquery, Bootstrap

Implemented using (RWD)Responsive Web Design

Wireframe Tools: Balsamiq and Axure

Javascript, JScript

Quality Assurance skills:

Project management tools : MS Team Foundation Server 2012, MS Visual Studio 2010 & 2012, MS Test Manager, Rally

Performance and load testing tools: Load Runner, Fiddler, Gomez, Visual Studio, Jmeter.Done performance testing using Fiddler, Jmeter and performance monitoring using Gomez tool.

Automation : Used MTM for automated regression testing of websites. Automated regression test suites are created using C# and run before each production release once in a month.

Load testing : Used Load Runner for Load testing of websites for 1000+ users.

Content Management System (CMS) : SDL Tridion is used to create the content for websites. Created components and pages using Tridion.

TFS : Used this to manage requirements, Version Controlling, Work item tracking, Team build, Reporting, Bug tracking and Project Portal

The results:

Results are very satisfactory as the customer added many new modules, features and new resources all through the period of seven years.

The journey:

We had a very long relation with Hanley Wood. The client worked with us for a period of seven years. Over the journey of seven years Ceredox has proved again and again that we can provide quality code within the deadlines of the sprints. Overall the journey was very impressive with many features added to the online magazines over this period of time. Even the number of magazines increased quite a lot during the journey.

The discovery:

Ceredox Sales and Marketing team did a great job in identifying this opportunity where the lead was a previous business engagement where Ceredox management provided excellent services.

Project Scale:

The project lasted for 5 years with 11 members in the team. There were 6 developers and 5 QA.


Hanleywood was able to launch their websites with brand new UI with many complex AD calls integrated which gave Hanleywood business to reach out to new customers and increase in AD revenue.

Web site: www.hanleywood.com

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