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Data Warehouse

About Customer:

In data processing, operational reporting is the reporting about operational details that reflects current activity. Operational reporting is intended to support the day-to-day activities of the organization. Data Services internally monitors all Informatica jobs. If failures occur, Data Services receives an email notification. The person with the particular expertise in the failure location will respond to the error/failure notification. Currently, Data Services Informatica is monitored for the following failure/error conditions:

  • Immediate failures
  • If all Informatica jobs scheduled to run actually ran
  • If a job is hung up for more than 1 hour
  • If an index builds/workflows did not build/run for the past day

The implementation:

The Objective of the Project is to provide Metadata and Rights feeds to Vertex’s Media Maestro system. The data is sourced from Data Services' ODS Reporting Environment (MAMDW). The feeds have been distributed in 3 parts, with their associated sub-components below:

  • Metadata Feeds
  • Inbound Rights & Restrictions Feed
  • Outbound Rights Exports


Title Metadata feed is sourced from MAMDWP to Media Maestro at every 4 hours interval (0000Hrs, 0400Hrs, 0800Hrs, 1200Hrs, 1600Hrs and 2000Hrs) starting from 08/12/2015.

Inbound Rights & Restriction Feed is sourced from MSMDWP to Media Maestro at every 4 hours interval (0100Hrs, 0500Hrs, 1300Hrs, 1700Hrs and 2100Hrs) starting from 10/08/2015.

Outbound rights exports is a onetime export from MAMDW.

Development skills:

ETL Tool: Informatica

Scripting: UNIX Scripting, Python Scripting, XML

Operating Systems: Windows Based (XP, 2003, Windows 8)

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server

Reporting: Business Objects, Tableau

Development Tools: Informatica, Cloud Technologies

Project Management: Rally, Scrum, Kanban, ServiceNow

The results:

Results are very satisfactory as the customer started interacting with the Third Part tool Media Maestro Tool for implementation of all the inbound & Outbound Rights for International in future.

The journey:

Team Sunshine is the data services team focusing on operational reporting, data modeling, data integration and data quality processes. We use Business Objects WEBI is used for operational reporting and Tableau for data visualization. ERStudio is used to model and generate DDL into enterprise repository schemas. Informatica is used for data migration and data quality processes. Data Services is responsible for support of new and 3rd party applications and enhancements to existing systems from a data integration and quality standpoint.

The discovery:

Loginsoft Consulting Sales and Marketing team did a great job in identifying this opportunity where the lead was a previous business engagement where Loginsoft Consulting management provided excellent services.

Project Scale:

The project started in Jan 2015 and is still running.


Scripps Networks Interactive is able to communicate with the Vistex (Media Maestro Tool) for distributing all the Rights for international.